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HomeAutomated Ultrafiltration System
Processing Solutions

Process Unit

Chromatography Unit

Chromatography Column

Low Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

Medium Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

High Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

Slurry Tank

Buffer Mixing Unit

Filtration Unit

Application Support


Product Features

Equipped with system workstation software which is comply with FDA and GMP requirements.

Automatic detection of ultra-filtration membrane permeate pressure and feed pressure inlet, and automatically calculate the transmembrane pressure (TMP), display the TMP change curve.

The TMP is precisely controlled by opening control valve which is equipped at the outlet.

According to different process requirements, the system can be configured with flow meter, temperature monitor, conductivity monitor, pH monitor and UV monitor.

The system can be operated in a variety of advanced mode, such as constant TMP, constant flow rate, constant pressure etc.

Technical Specifications

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